Monday, October 5, 2009

On Tour

This is great. I'd always hoped to be in a band long enough and with their shit together enough to do a band tour. Cross country or at least down the west coast. That never happened. A reading tour I now realize is better. The same idea of meeting nice people, sleeping on couches and selling your handiwork, all without hauling gear or the fear of a broken into van!

This is my second time in the southern half of the East coast, ever. It's been great to hang out with Dave Cole and eat, read and visit independent bookstores in cities such as Charlotte, Athens, Birmingham, and Asheville. I'm sorry I am not going to get to the Richmond Zine Fest this fall but I know that would be one awesome time. Maybe next year.

Dave had the great idea of doing a WNHP podcast, ala This American Life. I hope to make this happen.