Sunday, December 27, 2009

short SURVEY your feedback wanted

Hello readers of We'll Never Have Paris:

I will keep it short. After 5 issues I thought it time for a short SURVEY. If you would kindly fill this out and return it the staff of WNHP would greatly appreciate your feedback. you can cut and paste these into an email or leave comments in the section.

Ha, no, it's still just me but I now have enlisted the editorial prowess of Mr. Jonathan Lamberton who has cleaned up WNHP5 which is about to be re-printed typo free. Also reprinting WNHP4, so there will be a small new batch of back & current issues.

While we are at it, if I may, just one word. Microcosm! Microcosm has agreed to pick up copies of WNHP4 for distribution. Distros are to zines what labels are to records and Microcosm is #1. Please check them out!

PS: If you are a facebook group member you will probably get this email again, sorry for duplication.


1. Why did you first read WNHP? (cover drawing, it was free, a friend recommended it...)

2. Did you purchase it and from where (or was it free or did we trade?)

3. What was the best thing about the zine? (content, individual story, size, it was free) please be honest.

4. What needs to be improved? Please be honest. Keep in mind the mission statement is nonfiction and 'all things never meant to be'. (this remains).

5. is there something that you would like to see added that would encourage you to purchase again and or submit a piece yourself?



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