Sunday, January 17, 2010

ipod shuffle

things coming up.

1. I read on Washington Heights Free Radio and you missed it. My friend Vern and a few others have a radio station in their apartment. I didn't know either. You can listen to the archive which may be up today or tomorrow at wfhr.

2. readings! January 30 Saturday at the Wooden Shoe in Philadelphia. Reading with others, still waiting on list, but should be at least Eric Nelson, Gus Iversen, Cassie J Sneider. Same line-up next day, so we could call this a reading tour. Sunday Jan 31 at our very own Bluestockings bookstore in NYC. Both at 7pm. You should come.

3. Future: zine 4 is available, zine 5 is sold out. Eberhardt press is taking a leave of absence so I went with Unique Copy again. For zine 6 I am going to see between 1984 in Oakland or Parcell Press in Philadelphia (used to be Richmond).

Submissions being accepted till March 30. You should submit. I mean it.