Monday, April 26, 2010

We'll Never Have Paris 6: Now with Poetry

Here is a sample of what is inside the issue. This is a poem by Buzz Poole.

tell me about it
Buzz Poole

spring tall stalks of lavender scent the evening’s early fog, perfumed
hats stride atop high heels, black and red dresses, wide belts
heel, toe, heel, toe, heel, toe
brumbled away by the consumptive van
plastered w/ pictures of Christ
loud w/ radio voices:
i kneeled at the gate and was lifted to the sky
tell me about it
tell me about it
only the lord can take you so high
the new moon, calla lily white
on the hill’s sleeve, cuffed by new night
a pearl link fingered,
by routines of many times
measured in spans of light
television listings
sea changes
and faded icons that shed
like eucalyptus bark pours down as snakes
shed this time for another
fall prostrate to the ground
tell me about it
tell me about it
sings this vehicle of the lord
about a son immaculated
proving nothing is as basic as water
and obvious as death