Saturday, April 10, 2010

WNHP6 finally and NJ Zine fest

 I am usually on time with announcements and deadlines.  WNHP6 is the rainbow that follows a week of taxes and bed bugs.  I only wish that were a metaphor.  Tomorrow I will be at the NJ Zine Fest.  Come.  Here is the list of contributors for this issue which will be out in a week or two.  You can pre-order now.

Cecelia Mariscal
Eric Nelson
Buzz Poole
Gillian Morgan
John Berendzen
Raymond Luczak
Lorraine Schein
Ben Mitchell
Jaime Borschuk (who also did the cover art!)
drawings by Gabriel Liston
Aditi Sriram
Gus Iversen
                                                        Chris Roberts
                                                        Tim Josephs
                                                        and me