Monday, May 28, 2012

Pete's Mini Zine Fest 2012

It's time for the fourth Pete's Mini Zine Fest, the fest-in-a-bar. Our celebration of the duplicated arts promises a good time and a relaxing atmosphere, and is a great opportunity to really get to know our wonderful, talented tablers. Nurse a beer; read some zines. Pete's has an awesome beer garden/smoking section, so there's plenty to browse both indoors and out.

Aaannnnddd we are SOLD OUT. Here is the final list of tablers:

Andria Alefhi – We’ll Never Have Paris
Darryl Ayo – Little Garden
Elvis Bakaitis – Homos in Herstory
Aida Binhas – Bon Nui Dreamland
C. M. Butzer – Rabid Rabbit Comic Anthology
Colin – Slice Harvester
Marguerite Dabaie – The Hookah Girl
Christopher Michael Duffy – Dirty Parts
Jenna Freedman – Lower East Side Librarian
Abigail Geraldine - In These Shells
Cat Gilbert – The 22 Magazine
Jenny Gonzalez-Blitz – Living in La La Land
Dre Grigoropol – Dee's Dream
Alisa Harris – Urban Nomad
Katie Haegele – The La-La Theory
Aaron Howard – Oilcan Press
Gus Iversen –
Jemibook – Lolita
John Jennison – Crisis of Infinite Cells
Mark Lerer – The Little General
Sara Lindo – Wall Street Cat
L. Nichols – Jumbly Junkery
Morgan Pielli – Indestructible Universe Quarterly
Bill Roundy – Bar Scrawl
Steve Seck – Life is Good

Our flier this year was made by the awesome Darryl Ayo.