Friday, January 3, 2014

We'll Always Have downloads, WNHP 7

Decided to post another out-of-print back issue as a downloadable PDF on Etsy since I'm no longer uptight.  Besides, re-reading issues after a few years makes me love them more.  Here's a reminder on WNHP7 - Modern Fire.  You can buy the download on Etsy and the contributors are:

Martha Grover-  
Raymond Luczak 
Betsy Housten -
Veronica Liu -
Marguerite Dabaie
Samantha Crane -
Vincent McCloskey
Shaheim Jackson - 
Sarah DaCorta - 
Ling Teo -
Lauren Nixon
Joshua Medsker - 
Ben Mitchell -
Marlon Dunskster -
William Stevenson 
Nicole Martin