Monday, February 3, 2014

One month later: blog as instrument for talking to yourself

In today's world we have many options for self-promotion but fewer options for self-talk.  I see this blog generally as an instrument for writing as in crafting and editing a story I wish to tell others.  It is however also the only diary I have, public, yet the more private of formats.  I did keep a hand-written diary for fifteen years and no longer do.  Hand writing is my reflection in a puddle.

I plan to hyperlink words and people anywhere feel like just for sport instead of linking places and events. And now, to recap what I have been doing here in in NYC and what I have coming up this month to keep from putting my head in the oven.

Last few days I have been advertising We'll Never Have Paris and New York Clocks on social media. Just a few weeks ago I discovered Pinterest and I really like it.  I do use Tumblr occasionally but I don't really understand it.  I feel like I am posting into the abyss.  I just listed a new clock on Etsy so I made a treasury for it just now: Szeged! which is Hungarian for Hungary.  I also added new items and played around with Storenvy and honestly I like it better than Etsy.  It's kind of Etsy plus Pinterest.  A seller can't have multiple shops on storenvy like you can on Etsy so I have clocks and cupcake hair clips under the We'll Never Have Paris store, see link above if you like.

Last month Jon and I saw Queen of the Night by the people who do Sleep No More.  It's sexy and sensual but not worth it otherwise.  So at the end of this month we are going to see Sleep No More for a second and last time before it closes.  We posted it on Facebook, trying to get a group going, even though it is very much not a group activity.  I care less about the show and all I really want is that satisfying thrill of spilling out of the Narnian wardrobe and into the faux 1920s jazz lounge aka David Lynch.

Last month I got to participate in a great performance as per our PMZF newly titled PMZF performance series.  Collaborated with Josh Medsker and got to read spam emails in any manner I wanted to, with  Looking forward to reading at the next PMZF on March 21 at Pete's, hosted by Morgan Pielli and co-organized by Margo Dabaie.

More?  Erika Walker's birthday party at DBA.  She and I have reconnected just 2 months ago, she was my roommate in Portland on Holgate street in 1998.  She was there for The Whole Thing and then I moved out and we lost touch and now thanks to Jesse Emerson telling me that she lives in my neighborhood we have reconnected!  We went to The Back Room last week where there are swing dancing lessons (not interested) and a live jazz band and fireplace (very interested). Jim Saint-Amour's 40th birthday party is this Saturday featuring dinner at Cafe Orlin and then karaoke just a block away, planned by yours truly. This is a win-win, since Jim gets a birthday party and I get to go where I like.  I got to see Charming Disaster and have dinner and that famous toffee lathered date cake at Cafe Moto with Catherine, who reappears just always after I wonder if we are really friends.  Ah, life in NYC - so many friends in this category.

In dance, this was in November, but it was so fucking great I will mention having seen the NYC premire of The Sun at BAM.  This week, Vincent's performance at The Joyce and next week (thank God because if we had no tickets to something I know we would do nothing) on Valentine's Day at Joe's Pub.  What else?  My year at Marymount has ended and now I have Diana Abayeva withdrawal.  I am teaching 2 classes at LIU, which I truly enjoy.  As for student Andria, I believe this will be my last semester as my heart is just not in to completing.

I would like to get submissions for WNHP 11: Crime.  And an artist.  This could be you.  Send a story!  Yes, you!  1,000 words or less on crime, a true story only, to

PS: I knew I forgot something.  I am reviewing zines for XD #35, finally, entering the zine review world, very excited.

Next year: Me and Jon (or just me, but probably me and Jon) are going to spend the winter elsewhere.  My thought is one month in each: hawaii, SF, Portland.  I will make this happen.

Brazil: June 30-July 15.  I have a flight and a visa but that's it so far.  Marcelo will be out of the country, so I will have to come up with a plan.  Jon plans to join, hasn't gotten ticket yet (or passport renewed or visa.  big surprise there).

Lastly, I love and miss my nieces to death.  Once or twice a month is just not enough.  Here is a photo.