Thursday, December 10, 2015


The zine that keeps on giving. Have you read WNHP 12? Stories about leaving NY? The next issue's theme, to provide balance, is West Coast. You may not know this, dear readers, but the editor lived on the west coast for 10 years before moving to NYC and then starting WNHP. She was in a band called Plan to Pink with her bff, Jaime Borschuk. They both came to writing after Andria moved to the east coast and Jaime stayed in San Fran. They are joining forces to be co-editors for this next issue. WNHP is going westward for a vacation.

Submit your nonfiction noir, 1,200 words or less, to neverhaveparis@gmail

Deadline is January 20, but why not send a draft, so there's time to do any editing after we read it.

Looking for people, not writers, so, you should go for it. MFA not necessary. I don't have one, either.

Happy holidays. See you after the trees and candles come down.

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