Sunday, September 23, 2018

NYC writing party and meditation for WNHP 16

Live in NYC? Want to write and submit to the next issue but need a little nudge? The theme for WNHP 16 is FOOD. That's super easy, any personal essay or true story about eating (or struggles with), family recipes, food for thought, your last meal with your husband before you signed the divorce papers, the chicken soup the co-worker you thought hated you brought when you were sick - the list goes on. It's nice to write with people, and you get the chance to share it with the group if you wish to that day. Also included is a free copy of WNHP 15 to get you inspired and an opening meditation to get you centered. When is this?

NOV 17 - 1 day only - 3-5pm.  RSVP: