Monday, April 20, 2009

NJ Zine Fest successful

I went to NJ zine fest with Matthew Mendez. He picked up my zines on a 2-month solo road trip across the USA and took the time to email and tell me he'd bought, read and enjoyed them (nice!). We've become zine buddies as a result. His zine, Number Nothing is great. We shared a table yesterday and made some new friends. Nicole at Click Clack distro, Parcell Press Taylor and Juliet, Chris at Wooden Shoe book shop in Philly, Brandi of Fat Girl zine and old friends were there, too like Redguard of Absent-Cause zine. I sold many copies also sold two of my new york clocks which was a great bonus. The folks with book stores, distros and other zines were great. The residents of Rutgers however, not so saavy. Two girls came to our table. One read an entire piece from mine and the other read a piece from Matthew's. Then put it down and left. Can you eat half an apple and then walk away without paying? Not cool. My zine is $3 in stores and $4 via paypal/snail mail. Thanks.