Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cul de Sac

In (random year) in (random city) I took guitar lessons with (Tommy Carnes). He would just be (random teacher) were it not for a CD that he'd recorded and given to me. One of those CDs you get for free that you sometimes never even unwrap let alone listen to with a cheesy photo of himself in sunglasses for the cover, the tracks ranged from unmemorable to bad except for track number 10 which started out equally average and somehow, undescribeably, transformed from nothing into something. Something persistent, consistent, plain - and with only the weakest extra effort, the smallest insinuation of intent this song exploded when he got to the last verse. "I'm coming back home to you".

I don't normally go for singer-songwriters and acoustic guitars. I forgot about this song and moved four more times and somehow this year the song popped into my head. I can't believe I still had the CD. I went directly to track 10, yes, this was what I wanted to hear. Thank you, Tommy Carnes. I checked and he is not on iTunes, which is kind of a blessing because everything we post today seems to be an advertisement. But I will put this song on my blog (when I figure out how) because it ties in to the theme for Issue number 5: Home.