Tuesday, June 30, 2009


NYC ZINE FEST was great. I almost skipped on it, and I'm glad Drew and Greg talked me into it. I saw some great art work and zines, met cool people, and someone even came up to me and said 'oh I read your blog.' ALso someone came by and said she was writing a piece on the zine fest and would include me in it (Manhattan magazine, I believe). That would be cool.

So someone reads the blog after all.
ALso, I'm officially sold out of Volumes 1-4. Considering a second printing of the most current issue, Volume 4 "We are all telling the truth" which has an interview with Jeff Stark. If you want to order it please let me know so I can decide on a reprinting.

Don't forget, looking for performers and readers for the Variety show, end of August, at HiChristina.