Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Zine Therapy and Analog Friendship

Tonight I had the WNHP Radio Hour #7 with Jenna Freedman and Betsy Housten and I feel a little better about the life of WNHP. We just needed a little Zine Therapy. Through our conversations about home, belonging, writing, editing, I realized that what I want to give some spice for the next issue is what they are doing: home printing, cut and paste, personal touch. PS The theme for WNHP7 this Fall, I am excited to report, will be called Modern Fire to which I credit Amanda Boekelheide.

And now, as a side project of WNHP and which will be in insert in all issues of WNHP6 I sell starting now, or email me and I can send you a postcard, read on:


Mission: To rejuvenate online, long distance and occasional friendships through physical, real contact.

Musings: Inspired by Miranda July, the band Horse Feathers and the postcards from Jaime found cleaning out my apartment on May 4, 2010.

Methodology: While seeing the band my mind wandered to my friend, Vincent. I recalled a story he told me about writing something on a bar napkin and realized that while I have known him for years I don't think I have ever seen his writing. I then thought of all the friendships I have that are
- entirely digital via email, text, facebook
- friends I haven't seen in years
- acquaintances I haven't gotten to know as friends

Material: This is the postcard I am mailing. My goal is to everyone I am 'friends' with on Facebook, though I will start with actual friends that meet my personal criteria. You are welcome to reproduce this reminder card and send it to your friends, this is open source material. You can change it or use it as a launching board for a creative project or pie chart.

All I ask is that you SHARE your results. Please post your friend's replies, your revised checklists, photos of you and your friend doing an item on the list, scanned letters back from friends.