Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Definitely a zine fest, July 31 Pete's MZF

So, so pleased with how magically this has come together. I feel like a real show promoter. So, there I was, on the phone, as always, balls to the wall, cold calling Pete's Candy Store and asking about hosting a zine fest there. I had meant to just get an email and politely hang up, sorry to bother you, an email for Andy, but I felt that maybe the guy on the phone could help me out, that my email to Andy would directly go unnoticed, and the House of Yes was about to fall through, and I had all these people and more emailing me daily to ask if they could get a table, too.

So on the phone I say, "Listen, I've got this zine fest and I need a place to host it..." And then it becomes clear a few minutes into it that the guy on the phone is Andy, or has power to book events, which I did not expect. So, without knowing me from Adam, and on the phone, I went from no possible dates, to a weekday, holding my ground, and getting a Saturday afternoon. I would say I brokered pretty well - with nothing to leverage with really! The only thing better would have been Sunday afternoon when they hold their weekly BBQ. Elated, I hung up the phone (and went to work but) immediately after work, phoned Margo (the Hookah Girl author), who had been the one to forward the call for zinesters to so many people. I told her I needed her on board and we needed to make this awesome. And she did and we are.

July 31, 3-7pm, the one the only Pete's Candy Store, Williamsburg.
Free entry, over 20 zinesters, authors, photographers, authors, and live music by John Henry Olthoff, Rad Unicorn, Scott Magri, and sarah y sue cachito